Chris Cohen Photography

Rock Canyon Coffee Roasters specializes in roasting premium quality coffee beans from around the world. “Great coffee for great people™” is the philosophy  we have built the company on and we believe everyone should have the pleasure of fresh, craft roasted coffee at their table or in their business.

The company includes partners Craig Fulmer and John Farrell. Together we have expanded the company with the purpose of roasting great coffee to make more people happy.

We think of coffee as a comfort food - it brings people together, inspires conversations, and makes people happy. All of us have met so many great people in our travels, usually over a cup of coffee.  Craig met his wife Heidi over a cup of coffee. Craig and Heidi met John over coffee. We want our coffee to inspire collaborations, five hour brunches and epic first dates. We believe in bringing  the community together, one cup at a time.