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Caterpillar to Butterfly

Caterpillar to Butterfly

Let us pause for a moment of science and admire the butterfly, spring isn’t too far off after all. 

We all tend to have a natural appreciation for the final product when you see them futzing around wildflower meadows, etc, but what about the absurd nature of their development cycle??

It’s remarkable that they transition from a gravity-bound crawler into a literal flying work of art.

Can you imagine if we humans crawled around for a while, then decided to build ourselves a sleeping bag in which to fully disintegrate and reassemble as a winged biological masterpiece??  

I generally feel like the process for humans would be nowhere near as beautiful.

Anyway, something to ponder over coffee…extra credit to those that sketch out the human equivalent of an adult butterfly. Lol. 


The Chrysalis Committee @ RCC

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