Never Bitter | Never Burned

The guiding principle at Rock Canyon Coffee is “Never Bitter, Never Burned”

While it sums up our approach to coffee roasting, the principle also speaks more generally to the culture at Rock Canyon.

It’s a reminder to celebrate positivity—never bitter—and to be mindful of our climate—never burned.

Learn more about how all the pieces fit together below...


**Kyle proudly displaying a cutthroat trout at Cathedral Lake

Roasting Coffee

Don’t worry, we’re not going to lecture you on how we’re the craftiest crafters of craft coffee in the craft coffee industry – but we do work tirelessly to make tasty coffee.

You may, however, be wondering how we roast coffee that is never bitter, never burned...

To do that, we focus primarily on caramelizing the natural sugars inherent to the coffee bean.  While that may not sound like rocket science, it is indeed coffee science.  And, unfortunately, we can’t further reveal the secrets of our science.

We’re known less for single-origin roasts, and more for coming up with creative blends from multiple countries of origin.  In other words, if Rock Canyon were a painter, it would be all about mixing colors.

We think we’ve come up with some great coffees for you to try – hope you enjoy them!

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Going Outside

We think our coffee pairs well with some time outside.

It’s easy to get bitter when you don’t get some fresh air, and, as you know, our approach to bitterness here at Rock Canyon is...never.

So, a priority for us is to spend time doing stuff outside, blowing off some steam, and bringing that bitter-free attitude back to the roastery.

Nobody wants to drink bitter coffee made by a bitter person, right? 

Fortunately for everyone, our roastery is tucked away in the mountains of Colorado where there is no shortage of outdoor terrain to enjoy.

We hope our coffee jumpstarts your next adventure, wherever that may be.


**John hanging loose in the Gunks (New Paltz, NY)

Acting on Climate

Rock Canyon’s home planet is “Earth” (you may be familiar) – and, if we’re going to stay true to our mantra, the logical preference is for a planet that is never burned.

Cultivating the culture of climate activism is, therefore, on the forefront of our approach to conscious capitalism as we manage and continue to grow our business.

We are focused specifically on reducing carbon emissions, plain and simple.

After all, going outside is important to us, so naturally we're motivated to protect the environment we love.

So much so that we’ve devoted an entire section of our website to it – check out the CLIMATE page to learn more about our leadership.