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the following three prompts should help to simplify your personal coffee odyssey:

Do you Love tasty coffee?

Our customers know how to spot a good coffee when they see one - and by see, we mean taste.

They've moved mountains searching for that ever-elusive coffee that is definitively nuanced and has yet to cross that invisible line into the realm of "alarmingly esoteric."

At long last they've found our humble roastery tucked away in Colorado's Elk Mountain Range.

Do you Love being outside?

Our customers tolerate the indoors.

Regardless of their favorite activities, they all agree that they'd prefer to be doing them outside.

Insert your favorite activity here _________ !

Does it involve being outside or would it be enhanced by doing it outside (i.e. climbing, reading, reading about climbing lol)?

Well then, you're on the right track...

Do you Love the planet?

Our customers value environmental stewardship, especially in the context of a changing climate.

They are discerning in choosing brands that align with their values.

Naturally, they are happy to find that Rock Canyon has operated as a carbon-neutral roastery since 2019.

Well, How'd it go?

Did you find that there's nothing better than coffee, sunshine, and a planet upon which to enjoy coffee and sunshine??


Congratulations to you - the search is over!

Consider yourself cordially invited to join the ranks of your fellow Rock Canyoneers!

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