Do you offer discounts or coupon codes?

You bet, best thing to do is follow @rockcanyconcoffee on Instagram and/or signup for our newsletter at the bottom of the page. Pretty much all of our newsletters include a discount ;)

can i make changes and/or cancel my subscription?

Yes! You have total control. After subscribing, you simply log-in to your account and click "manage subscription" to make changes.

You can do things like cancel the subscription, skip a shipment, swap items to keep things fresh, update payment information, etc. And if you run into any issues, shoot us an email:

Are your coffees certified FairTrade Organic?

It's complicated so the answer is yes and no. Some coffees have the certifications, other don't - and the inputs for our blends will vary from time to time. So there's no one size fits all answer to this question.

But, we select our importers based on their commitment to and track-record for sustainable sourcing and best agricultural practices per region.

Our approach is focused less on the marketability of the certification and more on how our importers source beans on a case by case basis.

For example, some farms are too small to afford the USDA organic certification, but that's not reason enough for us to ignore them!

You're more than welcome to reach out if you have specific questions about sourcing for any of our coffees


We do! Give us a call/email to inquire about wholesale partnerships.

What is the coffee's shelf life?

We recommend enjoying your Rock Canyon Coffee within 60 days of the roast date.

We handwrite the roast date on every bag to make the math easier ;)

you can still expect a tasty cup beyond 60 days, but that's when we think the freshness begins to fade.

How fresh will my coffee be when it arrives?

Super fresh.

We roast everything to order and don't have pre-packaged inventory getting stale in a warehouse waiting for you to order it. LOL.

You'll even find a handwritten date on the bag when you receive it to put you mind further at ease.

Is ordering whole bean better?

Yes, absolutely.

While we do offer pre-ground coffee, we shy away from getting overly specific about grind size for particular uses (pour-over, Chemex, etc) because if you've reached that level of coffee-ing, you're best off investing in a grinder and dialing it in to your preferred level or fineness/coarseness. You'll be really happy to you.

Coffee grinders are fun and just think about those aromas filling your kitchen every morning! C'mon!

But, we have no judgement if you prefer it pre-ground to speed up your mornings ;)