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Is your coffee Fair Trade / Organic?

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It's complicated so the answer is yes and no.

Some coffees have the certifications, other don't - and the inputs for our blends will vary from time to time. So there's no one size fits all answer to this question.

But, we select our importers based on their commitment to and track-record for sustainable sourcing and best agricultural practices per region.

Our approach is focused less on the marketability of the certification and more on how our importers source beans on a case by case basis.

For example, some farms are too small to afford the USDA organic certification, but that's not reason enough for us to ignore them!

You're more than welcome to reach out if you have specific questions about sourcing for any of our coffees.

Does your coffee expire and what's the ideal shelf life?

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We recommend enjoying your Rock Canyon Coffee within 60 days of the roast date.

We handwrite the roast date on every bag to make the math easier ;)

You can still expect a tasty cup beyond 60 days, but that's when we think the freshness begins to fade.

Do you roast our coffee to order?

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We roast everything to order and don't have pre-packaged inventory getting stale in a warehouse waiting for you to order it. LOL.

You'll even find a handwritten date on the bag when you receive it to put you mind further at ease.

Whole bean v. pre-ground?

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While we do offer pre-ground coffee, we shy away from getting overly specific about grind size for particular uses (pour-over, Chemex, etc) because if you've reached that level of coffee-ing, you're best off investing in a grinder and dialing it in to your preferred level or fineness/coarseness.

You'll be really happy you did. Coffee grinders are fun and just think about those aromas filling your kitchen every morning! C'mon!

It's not an exact science and we can never really sure that the way we grind for a particular application will match your expectations.

But, for basic brewing applications we do have a standard grind.

We have no judgement if you prefer it pre-ground to speed up your mornings ;)

What are the best practices for making your coffee?

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Visit our Journal page that has a range of our favorite brew methods.

Where do you get your beans from?

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We work with a range of green coffee importers on the coasts.

Our longest standing importer relationship is with Atlas Coffee Importers in Seattle which have an excellect reputation for ethical sourcing. Learn a bit more about them here if you like: Atlas Coffee Importers

As far as origins go, if you can name the coffee producing country, chances are we've had coffee from that county in house over the years.

But some of our most common origins are Brazil, Colombia, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Ethiopia.

Is your decaf Swiss Water processed?

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Yes! Indeed! It's the cleanest (and most effective) way to process decaf.

Learn more about it here: Swiss Water Process


What carriers do you work with?

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We typically use FedEx or UPS for all home and business physical addresses.

On some occassions (i.e. for PO Boxes, unique zone situations, etc) we can also ship via USPS.

Always feel free to get in touch with us prior to placing an order if you have any concerns.

When will my order ship?

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We strive to get your coffee out the door within 1 business day of receiving your order.

We're peppy like that!

Note that if you place an order at say 11PM on a Friday night, first off, hats off to you! and second off, it will be on our to-do list for the following Monday. :)

How long will my package be in transit?

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For most retail shipments we ship via FedEx Express 2-day shipping.

For larger bulk orders, we often ship via FedEx ground which will have a range depending on how far you are from us! :)

If you need a time estimate certainly get in touch.

Do you overnight packages?

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Only in the rarest of circumstances.

We have a fine-tuned operation and it's difficult for our team to break from the flow to accommodate special requests.

We would just encourage you to order a couple days earlier - rest assured, it will arrive as fresh as you can imagine.

Where can I find tracking information?

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An email is generated and sent to the email provided when you placed your order that contains all the pertinent information.

If for some reason you can't find it in your inbox, give us a holler!

Can I pick up my coffee?

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Unforuntately, not. :(

We wish you could! But our facility is an FDA certified wholesale food manufactuing space that isn't licensed as a retail outlet.

So if you're looking to buy locally, best bet is to checkout the shelves at Whole Foods in Basalt - otherwise we're happy to ship it directly to your door!

How can I manage my subscription?

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Log-In to your account and click on the "manage subscriptions" link.

From there you can explore around and make changes to your varieties, quantities, frequencies, etc.

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