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Are You Required to BYO Dog to a Dog Park?

Are You Required to BYO Dog to a Dog Park?

This week we were generally wondering what the etiquette is for showing up to a dog park without your own dog?  You know, just to hang out / be amongst some random dogs that are out havin’ a good time!


Black Lab laying on Tile
Sweet Rosie Lookin' Real Skeptical

We haven’t really come up with a clear cut answer, but we like to think it’s fair to pop in there and maybe throw a tennis ball or two.

Who knows, some might call it a bit of a grey(hound) area. Lol.

The point is that dogs are the best and it always takes the stress down a notch when you see them having fun with their pals.

Anyway, maybe take a thermos of coffee down to a local dog park near you and see what the vibe is.  Bonus points of course if you have your own dog to bring with you.



The Dog Park Liason Team @ RCC

*all photos of Sweet Rosie from the Gierke Residence

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