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The Deepest Day

The Deepest Day

As you may be aware, the Winter Solstice will arrive at approximately 2:48 MST on Wednesday December 21, 2022.  

Now in case you’ll be attending some holiday cocktail parties over the coming weeks and are looking to showcase your celestial knowledge - the winter solstice occurs twice a year (once in each hemisphere) when the corresponding pole is tilted furthest from the sun. 

By the time you read this letter, it may or may not have already happened, but it is still a day worth noting because from this point on…the days only get longer. :)

With the passing of each day, however, we accumulate a bit more daily sunshine and THAT is absolutely worth celebrating.

And, if you look into it (recommended) over your next cup of RCC, you’ll find that there are endless winter solstice traditions across many different cultures.

In any event, hope you have a splendid holiday and thank you for a great year!


The Solar System Society @ RCC

Image courtesy of NASA

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