Science is Important to Us

We rely on science (chemistry, thermodynamics, etc.) to guide our efforts at the coffee roaster. 

Similarly, we rely on the work of scientists (see: science) to form our opinions concerning climate change.

Seeing as though 97%+ of the global community of scientists have reached the consensus that our changing climate is due to human activity, we believe it’s our responsibility to be mindful of the issue and mitigate our impact as a business.

We approach coffee like we approach the mountains.

Success in either realm is the product of meticulous preparation, years of experience, and a playful relationship with the vast unknown.

There are no guarantees out in the wilderness. But there are certain things you can count on, and in our minds, coffee should be one of those things.

When our coffee reaches your cup, the experience should be as dependable as the edge of a freshly tuned ski, the nylon of a well-kept climbing rope, or the sole of a sturdy hiking boot.

We roast reliably delicious coffee that you can trust to carry you though whatever lies ahead, time and again.

We approach coffee like we approach the blank page

Neither is complete without a sense nuance and creativity.

To us, blending different origins is like mixing colors into a particular shade and applying to a canvas; or arranging words into a sentence and applying to a manuscript; or assembling notes into a melody and applying to a composition.

The final presentation of coffee is a thoughtful expression of complexity.

When our coffee reaches your cup, the experience should be as invigorating as seeing your favorite piece of art, reading your favorite book, or listening your to favorite song.

We roast coffee that routinely engages and motivates the senses.

We approach coffee like we approach our lives

In the end, it’s all about balance and it’s not meant to be taken

too seriously - so relax, and enjoy.

We hope you find that our coffee enhances whatever it is you’re about to do today.

Ultimately, when the preparation phase is complete, there’s nothing left to do but trust in the process and enjoy the ride.