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you've discovered some of the mightiest coffee in the land...

Seasonal Roast

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an adventurous blend of coffee that motivates recently awoken bears to pogo around town shortly after surfacing from their den.  Imagine what it can do for you!

with winter coming to an end and a new season on the horizon, we say "Spring It On!"

NOTE TO SUBSCRIBERS: seasonal coffees rotate on, you guessed it, a seasonal basis! So please note that different coffees will ship with the changing of the seasons. ;)

Flavor Profile

blackberry aromatics, ripe citrus, sweet honeysuckle

Brew Clue

works really well as a pour-over or as drip coffee

consider acquiring a pogo stick for added springtime joy

Origin Notes

Uganda & Ethiopia

We take environmental stewardship seriously as a company, and are always in search of making improvements.

For starters, our roastery has been carbon neutral since 2019 through a combination of carbon offsets and renewable energy certificates.

Learn more about our environmental partnerships by following the link to our page on Carbon Neutrality.

Our packaging is compatible with single-stream recyling systems and it is on our agenda to transition to 100% compostable bags as they become available.

At the beginning of 2020 we began working with EverGreen ZeroWaste to compost all organic waste generate on-site (coffee grounds, coffee chaff, espresso pucks, etc) which eliminates roughly 500-lbs of organic material out of the landfills annually.

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