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Pastry = Mass / Volume

Pastry = Mass / Volume

Does anyone else find it to be incredibly suspicious that the mathematical symbol for density is “p’ and the word pastry begins with the letter “p”?

Essentially the equation reads as PASTRY = MASS / VOLUME 

Think about a scone versus a croissant for instance…very different mass with perhaps the same volume resulting in delightfully different densities.  It all checks out.

Do we know what Archimedes was eating when he sorted through this math?  

Unless someone can prove otherwise I think we should at least assume he had an assortment of sacred ancient loaves that catalyzed his discovery.  

Just look at his face in the above picture, he’s absolutely staring at a basket of baked goods.

Anyway, stock the house with pastries, brew up some RCC, and talk ancient math with your friends and family.


The Ancient Math and Pastry Dept. @ RCC

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