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What to expect?

The roastery tends to be a hotbed of ideas.

The Journal is a collection of short reads that'll make you laugh, make you learn, or in some cases they'll make you do both.

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Is NYC the Next Whale Watching Destination?

Apparently humpback whales and dolphins are returning to the tidal estuary portion of the Hudson River, which we love.

Pastry = Mass / Volume

Does anyone else find it to be incredibly suspicious that the mathematical symbol for density is “p’ and the word pastry begins with the letter “p”?

Bar-Tailed Godwit Migration

This sandpiper travels a LONG way from its breeding ground in Alaska to its wintering grounds in New Zealand.  

The Apple Sleuth

A modern day mix of Johnny Appleseed and Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock Appleseed if you will

What is Time?

The 12’s of the clock technically speaking cannot be classified as pm or am. My word!

Rivers are just big egg whites

Have you ever been by or on a river as it meets another? It's pretty neat. You’d think, what's the big deal, water meeting water, but no, it's way cool.

Glass .01% Full

We read an article at HQ this week about how human beings are 99.99% empty space…I know, right?
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