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The Apple Sleuth

The Apple Sleuth

It is indeed that “apple-picking” time of the year, which reminds us of a story we read last year about a guy named Tom Brown that has single-handedly pulled over 1,000 heirloom apple varieties out of presumed extinction.

An article about him is written on Atlas Obscura and it’s a really incredible read.

But basically this dude cruises around Appalachia like a modern day mix of Johnny Appleseed and Sherlock Holmes - may we propose Sherlock Appleseed - and uncovers long lost apples.

Give the article a read as you drink your cup of RCC this week.  

For extra credit, visit his website, Apple Search, and review the absurd list of apples he's brought back form the dead. 

Then, maybe head on down to the grocery store and make a fuss that they don’t carry the Junaluska Apple anymore. Up to you!

Hope you have a great week and happy autumn!


The Orchard Observation Team @ RCC

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