The Cold Brew

Don't let the name fool you, cold brews are as inviting as the summer day is long! 

They're delicious, have lower acidity than their hot counterparts, and tend to have a higher caffeine concentration which we find has a "warming" effect on our emotional dispositions.

It's also kind of a fool proof method of brewing coffee.  AND once the cold brew is made, there's an infinite number of ways to get creative with it, like adding coconut milk and touch of honey-lavender simple syrup.

For starters, cold brew can be made with just about any coffee, but some perform better than others.  If you're wondering, our Brazilionaire blend is our tried-and-true cold brew work horse.  It's chocolatey, smooth, and creates a great canvas for the aforementioned add-ons.

But without getting too carried's how we do it: